Release Early and Often

Tempting as it may be to sit on your new code, working to improve and make it the best it can be, it’s the wrong thing to do.

We’ve all been there: the new project is cool; it looks great and customers will love it, but it’s not quite ready. Just a few more things to make it look really great.

If you’ve ever had to decide the best time to start having kids you already know there’s never a great time. You’re never fully prepared, your finances aren’t in order, but you do it anyway.

Cod is the same way. Release your Minimum Viable Product as quickly as possible and schedule time to iterate as quickly as possible. The added benefit is a shortening of the feedback loop. You might decide not to spend days building and perfecting something you thought would be great when users tell you they don’t actually want it.

Release your code early and often. You’ll never feel ready but that’s the point.