Create a Customer Journey map

Too often we build software intent on creating features instead of  solving real world problems. We sit at our computers, maybe working with other departments, and create a list of things that we’ll build into future releases.

While new features are great and may even be world-changing, I suggest getting to know your customer a little bit more before trying to build stuff for them. Enter the Customer Journey Map.



This is a recent map I built for a product I thought I understood well. In one view you can see what a user is doing, thinking, and feeling in each stage.

I didn’t have to complete the map to see some of our deficiencies. The very first time someone hears about BombBomb it’s usually a referral from someone they know. But in the last step, at the user’s highest sense of euphoria, we’re not doing anything to encourage them to spread the word. A complete disconnect.

Creating a map like this takes time but is well worth it. When you put in the time your users will thank you.